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On this page, you'll find free sample MP3 tracks from each of our CD's, plus bonus tracks never released on CD.  These are the complete tracks.   Feel free to pass these MP3's along for anyone to enjoy.  You can purchase any complete CD and find special offers by going to our web store.  

Baby Blue Arts

Trumpet:         Dave Jensen

Drums:            Jay Epstein

Woodwinds:   Dale Mendenhall

Bass:                Chris Bates

Piano:              Joseph Vass

Violin:              Gary Schulte


All music except I Got Rhythm composed by Joseph Vass.

A live-in-studio performance recorded for Baby Blue Arts television, now streamed on the Web (not available for download).                                 See and hear us perform

Tango De Klezmerica

Bulka's Song

Song of Ruth

I Got Rhythm

The Chosen

Piano and other instruments:

Joseph Vass



Copyright (p) 2007-2010 Joseph Vass All Rights Reserved.

Joseph Vass composed, p,erformed and recorded incidental music for the "The Chosen" at the Park Square Theatre.

These are selections in MP3 form.

Prelude To Silence


Chardball Nightmare

Friendship (Piano)


Friendship (Guitars)

New Possibilities (Guitars)

Minute Freilach

New Possibilities (Piano)

Jack Rose Terkische

A New Look

Friendship (Finale)

Live From Klezmerica! All music except Hava Nagilah  and Heyser Bulgar composed by Joseph Vass.

Trumpet:         Dave Jensen

Drums:            Jay Epstein

Woodwinds:   Dale Mendenhall

Bass:                Chris Bates

Piano:              Joseph Vass

Violin:              Carolyn Boulay

     (except Heyser Bulgar --  Gary Schulte performs on violin)







Copyright 1998-2010 Joseph Vass and Frozen Chozen Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We recently recorded a live concert in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  In the column to the right, you'll find eight free MP3 tracks from that live performance.  These are the complete tracks.  Feel free to pass these MP3's along for free for anyone to enjoy. The Wedding

Song of Ruth


Tango De Klezmerica

Bulka's Song

Hava Nagilah

Yedid Nefesh

Simchat Torah

Heyser Bulgar A La Klezmerica


The World Hangs In The Balance


About 800 years ago, Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (AKA “Maimonides” or “The Ramba'm”) challenged each of us to live continuously as if the world hangs in the balance.  In each moment, he advised, act as if your next single decision could turn the entire universe to good or to evil.

That’s a challenging standard for creating music.  As if the next note, the next pluck of a string or whack of a drum could save the world.  As if it matters that much.

Because it does.

Blues For Ashkelon

Minnesota Tango

Soloing on original Joseph Vass compositions, Yuri Merzhevsky's violin playing soars into what one critic called "an ethereal realm":

(Copyright 1995 Joseph Vass.  All Rights Reserved.)

Jerusalem Of Blue  


job CD cover.jpg (20416 bytes) Our first exclusively instrumental CD.

A journalist once wrote about our live performance: "The sound is wonderful.  It could have come from a dozen countries and times.  You hear prayers from ancient Hebrew times wrapped in American Blues.  The Gypsies are here, Hasidic Jews, too, bumping up against cool jazz and a marching tune.  It makes your feet pump.  If there was room...you'd grab somebody and dance.  Or sing every sorrow and joy you ever felt.  The music is boisterous, gaudy, and brimming with tears."

Our goal: was to capture that sound in this recording.  Did we? Check a review:

"...klezmer as it could be played only in America, with a healthy dose of jazz behind the krechts.   In many of the best ways, this recording exemplifies the type of mainstream klezmer many of us Jewish-Americans would like played at our weddings, music that reflects both the Americanized (but still, to us, very Eastern European Jewish) klezmer, and straightforward, well-played, American Jazz. Unlike most crossovers, Klezmerica has managed to do this without losing the soul of the music.Ari Davidow, Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack.

The opening track--a traditional tune associated with the joyous Jewish holiday of Purim


The title track Jerusalem of Blue; Joe wrote this for the liner notes:

"The question I asked myself: 'What if the blues had been invented by Jews?' The answer was this composition, for which I provided the melody, the harmony, the rhythm, and the form. The band turned my composition into this collective improvisation."

Jerusalem Of Blue

(Copyright 1995 Joseph Vass.  All Rights Reserved.)

Gershwin The Klezmer  


The original cast album from the hit musical The Soul of Gershwin; The Musical Journey of an American Klezmer.  We celebrate the Jewish connection in the music of George Gershwin.  Check out reviews, more information and more music samples from The Soul of Gershwin; The Musical Journey of an American Klezmer.

A traditional hot Jewish dance; one radio DJ called this track "careening klezmer":

Heyser Bulgar

An original Joe Vass composition performed in the show:

D'vekus (No. 1)

(Copyright 1998 Joseph Vass All Rights Reserved):


History Of The Melodica

Narrated by Desmond Goldfarb. 


   melodica.gif (40794 bytes)

Back when we started out as "The Minnesota Klezmer Band," Joe Vass played the melodica instead of the piano on 3 tracks of our first CD Bulka's Song.    People often ask us, "What is that instrument Joe is playing? What is its history? Is it really made of plastic?" So Joe wrote History Of The Melodica and we enlisted the aid of noted ethnomusicologist Desmond Goldfarb (portrayed by Donny Maseng)..  

History Of The Melodica




(Copyright 1998 Joseph Vass All Rights Reserved):

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Klezmerica retains all copyright in these sound recordings.   Klezmerica makes these sound recordings available only to individuals for their personal downloading, listening and copying for free distribution to others.  No commercial or religious use whatsoever is authorized without permission.   Copyright 1998-2010 Frozen Chozen Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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